Covid Policy Update – October 2020

Hello dancers and families!  In this time of uncertainty we are all learning as we go. One thing we can all agree on is keeping our studio a safe, healthy environment for everyone. As cases of COVID-19 increase we wanted to make sure all of our dancers were aware of our policies regarding quarantine.

We are asking that if you come in contact with the virus, you must wait a minimum of 4 days and then get a negative COVID test,  before you return to the dance studio. We now know that tests are not necessarily accurate if they are taken under that four day incubation period. This is mandatory if you wish to return as soon as possible, but if you do not want to test then your dancer can quarantine for two weeks and then return. This includes contact through personal connections or from school.  

Luckily, we have a working zoom setup to help assist in this protocol, to help dancers stay in the loop. As much as we want all of our dancers in the studio we must consider the health of all of our teammates and teachers.

We appreciate your cooperation with this important matter. The last thing we want to do is have to close down the studio for quarantine. Please use your best judgement!!

Stay healthy and let’s keep dancing!

The BDA Staff