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In person auditions have passed, but we are still accepting video auditions. Complete an audition signup form to receive updates and info. $50 audition fee, no headshot required.

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What is the difference between a Recreational Dancer and a Company Dancer?
Company dancers have a required set of classes depending on the level they have been assigned. In addition to taking standard classes, they have rehearsal times in which they learn, practice, and perfect the routines they take to competition. Boutique typically attends 4 competitions and 2-3 conventions per season (about 1 per month from January to May). This is where the compete their dances in front of judges against other dance studios. At conventions, the dancers also get to take workshop classes from very famous dancers & choreographers. They have the opportunity to win dance scholarships and prizes. Our Petite Company participates only in the 4 competitions and is designed to be an introductory company for dancers age 3-6.

Take your dance training to the next level by auditioning for one of Boutique’s Competitive Companies! If dance is your thing, and you love it more than any other activity, you might want to consider becoming a competitive dancer at the studio.

Boutique Dance Academy strives to house the premier competitive dance company in the Castle Rock community. Through a combination of experienced in-house instructors, in-studio workshops with outside professional dancers/choreographers, participation in regional dance convention classes and competitions, and trips to national dance conventions and workshops, Boutique provides the most advanced, well-rounded program for young dancers looking for a more focused and competitive experience.

Boutique’s competitive teams are structured for customization. Students and their families may choose the number of group routines they would like to be considered for and what specialty solos, duets, & trios they want to participate in. This allows each family to determine the level of involvement & intensity for their dancer and to have control over their financial commitment for the year. For the dancers that really want to be immersed, Boutique will provide extra activities for those interested such as additional workshops & classes, National Conventions and Workshops, etc.

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Check out this short video sampler of some of our award-winning company dances from the past!