Boutique’s primary goals are to enrich the lives of our students through the art of dance, empowering them with the values of self esteem, discipline, responsibility, team work, respect, commitment, and passion. Providing positive role models in a safe and encouraging environment is of the utmost importance. While all of our students may not go on to pursue a career in dance, they will all grow up to be young adults. It is our commitment to help instill these important values in each child for their future, whatever that may be.

Boutique strives to be the premier competitive dance company in the Castle Rock community. Through a combination of experienced in-house instructors, in-studio workshops with outside professional dancers/choreographers, participation in regional dance convention classes and competitions, and trips to national dance conventions, Boutique provides the most advanced, well-rounded program for young dancers looking for a more focused and competitive experience in the Castle Rock Community.

We do also cater to the recreational student who may just want to take a couple classes a week. All of our ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop classes are available to recreational students as well as our competitive dancers. Our recreational dancers can experience the thrill of being on stage by performing in our annual Dance Recital.

What makes Boutique different is described by our name. The word “boutique” can be defined as any small, exclusive business offering specialized & customized service. With a smaller studio, the students receive more individual attention from their instructors and a more “family-like” environment. This allows the students to progress more quickly and to really feel connected to the place and engaged with the people they spend their time with. We are also structured for customization. Students may choose the number of group routines they would like to be considered for and what specialty solos, duets, & trios they want to participate in. This allows each family to determine the level of involvement & intensity for their dancer and to have control over their financial commitment for the year.

Choose Your Dance Style!


“Combo Class” class is split into three studies: Tap, Ballet and Tumbling. Ballet will help develope technique and coordination. Tap enhances their rhythm, timing and musicality. Tumbling will focus on strength and flexibility.

Lyrical/ Contemporary

“Lyrical” expresses feeling with a focus on body lines, balance, and sustained extensions. It is an emotionally driven dance form. Higher level classes will comprise more “Contemporary” styles, which focus on new forms and dynamics.


“Tap” is a percussive style of dance that focuses on rhythm that is sounded by the feet. The feet become musical instruments with the sound they create. This class will develop a strong sense of music, timing, and discipline.

Hip Hop

“Hip-Hop” comes from an urban, street type of movement. This includes a variety of styles including popping, locking and breaking, as opposed to the fluidity of ballet movement. It is danced primarily to hip-hop music.


“Ballet” is the fundamental, technical form from which all other dance styles stem. It teaches young dancers important terms and techniques to maintain their proper form. “Pointe” is the most advanced form of Ballet and can therefore only be taught to and performed by the more advanced dancers. Our Pointe class includes intensive, large amounts of barre work, ankle strengthening, center turn preparations, and patterns across the floor.


“Jazz” combines the basic techniques and encompasses a wide variety of other styles. This class includes strengthening warm ups, stretching exercises, and dance combinations that derive from basic technique.


“Tumbling” includes movements where students focus on gymnastic tricks and upper-body strength. These skills can be beneficial in all other types of dance. Tumbling is practiced on mats. “Acro” will focus more on flexibility tricks and movements that could be incorporated in to an acro routine, such as chin and elbow stands.
boutique is certified in teaching acrobatic arts.

Turns & Leaps/ Technique

This class will help improve the basic technique of turns, leaps, and proper form.


A class designed to work solely on flexibility and strength.

Pilates for dancers

A system of exercises using special exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. Training your dancer the smart way increases their body awareness, to help decrease the risk of injury.

Private Lessons

Private Dance Lessons are offered those who require extra work and want one-on-one attention in their desired area of dance. These lessons can give total concentration to the student in a specific area of weakness. More advanced dancers can use this time to polish and clean their solos, duets, trios, and small groups.

Meet Our Instructors

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my dancer wear?

Any dance/athletic wear is fine for all classes. No loose/baggy clothes are acceptable (except in hip hop). Ages 3-5 are fine in any dance outfit you may find at Target etc. If wearing tights to acro/pre-tumbling, make sure they are footless or convertible so they can be barefoot for those classes.

Level 1-4 Ballet Classes on are required to wear black leotard and pink tights. Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes are required for all ballet classes.

Jazz shoes, pirouettes, or bare feet are appropriate for all jazz/lyrical classes.

Tennis shoes with non-marking soles are appropriate for all hip hop classes.

Tap classes require black tap shoes – any style is fine.

Hair should always be pulled back out of the face for all classes. Dancers should bring their own water bottle.

I most recommend Dance Xtreme for dancewear/supplies. There’s also Assemble in Castle Rock.

What is your make-up policy?

If a dancer misses a class for any reason, they are allowed to come to any other class on the schedule to do a make-up. Please inform the instructor that your dancer is there for a make-up when you drop them off. You do not need to notify us in advance that you will be coming. All make-ups must be done before Recital. No monetary credits will be given for missed classes.

Can I try a class?

Dancers are welcome to try any class for our standard $15 Walk-In Fee. You do not need to notify us in advance if you wish to try a class. Just stop by the office a couple minutes prior to the class. Fill out one of our walk-in forms on the desk and pay via cash or check. Pass these items on to the instructor and let them know you are there for a walk-in. If you decide to join the class, sign up online and tuition will be pro-rated for however many weeks are left in the month. If you are a NEW student to Boutique and have never tried a class before, we do offer 1 free trial per dancer. Please just go to front desk and fill out liability form.

How does billing work?

You will receive a billing statement 7 days before payment is due of each month outlining tuition for the upcoming month and any additional fees that were incurred since the previous bill. All payments are due the 1st of the month via cash, check, or credit card. Credit cards can be kept on file for automatic billing the first Monday of each month. We do have an online portal where you can pay, put a credit card on file and set up automatic payments. Please ask front desk if you have any questions.

What is your drop/refund policy?

If dancers are dropping their class(es), please notify us via email prior to the next billing cycle and you will not be charged further. If you choose to drop in the middle of a month you have already paid for, no refunds are given. If you need to change/adjust your dancer’s schedule, please email us with your changes and we will do our best to accommodate them.

What is the studio calendar?

The only holidays that are observed by the studio are:
Halloween – Closed Oct. 31st
Thanksgiving Break – Closed Nov. 23rd – Nov. 26th
Winter Break – Closed Dec. 24th – Jan 8th
Easter – Closed April 1st

We stay open on all Monday holidays as well as all Fall and Spring Breaks. All studio events are posted to our studio calendar which you can view here.

What is your weather closure policy?

If Douglas County School District has any snow closures or if after school activities have been listed as cancelled, then the studio is also closed. If there are morning delayed starts listed, our am classes will be canceled and we will open the studio at 1pm. In the event of a studio closure, it will be posted on our homepage, facebook and instagram pages, and an email will be sent out to notify you.

How does recital work?

We hold our end-of-year recital at Lone Tree Arts Center at the end of May/start of June. Each class learns one dance and receives one costume, (with the exception of a few classes marked on our schedule). You are responsible for paying for your costume(s) and ticket(s) to the show. We do one show for our Combo Level Students, and one show for our Level 1 – Level 4 Students.  This year, dress rehearsal is TBD.

Do you do any other shows/performances?

We will be doing some local performances around town. We will updated when we have more information on exact events.

Didn't find the answer?

if not then Contact Mindy with any questions: 303-918-1551 or at [email protected]